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Impande – Empowered by KTH

project overview

Small business development is the cornerstone of what is needed in order to improve the South African economy. Providing opportunities for small businesses and in particular, entrepreneurs, is both a national and civil imperative that cannot be ignored.

KTH, a leading black-owned and managed investment holding company in Africa, embarked on a supplier development programme to support this talent in a practical and sustainable manner which would see these businesses being able to access customised support, designed to assist them with growth and development.

This gave birth to KTH’s dynamic and sustainable supplier development programme Impande, which identified skilled, talented and driven entrepreneurs wishing to grow their businesses and contribute to the growth of the South African economy.

the objective

KTH commissioned SHI to package its new supplier development programme. The first phase of the project involved naming the programme, now Impande, developing the programme brand identity development and brand activation (creative and video).

The second phase involved harnessing the power of branding for the competitive advantage of the Impande beneficiaries to facilitate growth. KTH sponsored the re-branding of its ESD beneficiaries from the redesign of their logos, to their websites and other supporting marketing collateral through an integrated digital and traditional approach. This phase of the project has had outstanding results on the Impande ESD beneficiaries. One of the benefits is that the businesses have been able to attract much larger clients due to their new brand positioning.


“I have no hesitation in recommending SHI for your specific requirements and by procuring services from them, will not only be supporting the growth of a small black-owned business but more especially to the growth of this emerging business (EME). I find that they conduct themselves with integrity in all their business dealings and they will do their very best to meet your expectations.”

Theresa Griffiths, KTH