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What We Do

Never has it been more important for organisations to take a deliberate and strategic approach to how they capture the heads, hearts and hands of their most critical stakeholders to multiply their social impact.


SHI’s creative solutions have impact at their centre. We act as a support team to organizations in order to advance their mission, providing external expertise to ensure the success of their efforts. SHI provides a platform for organisations and their audiences to connect through the power of Strategy and Insights, Collective Impact, Creating Shared Value, Storytelling, Strategic Communications, Technology, Digital, Content Creation, Creative Concepts, and Cause Marketing.

We integrate 5 core focus areas to achieve results:

• Strategy & Insights
• Strategic Communications
• Digital, Data & Technology
• Collective Impact
• Creating Shared Value


Strategic Direction

We partner with clients to co-create business strategies that deliver economic value in ways that also produce value for society by addressing a societal need or challenge that is aligned to their business purpose. Working with a business, we assist in identifying a central purpose, analyse its operations, products, and resources in order to identify opportunities, craft a strategy that shifts operation to its pursuit and establishes proof points for value creation.

Audience Insights

Delivering breakthrough digital experiences by understanding how to motivate and inspire your most important people. We employ multiple research methodologies to reveal the perspectives about your cause internally and externally in order to fuel your strategy.

  • Market Research
  • Stakeholder Perception Audits
  • Audience Insights
  • Assessment & Recommendations


We help organisations position themselves and build brand awareness through three-pronged approach: strategy, operations and tactical communications, developing a focused message for meaningful engagement with our clients’ stakeholders.

Campaign Development

SHI builds creative campaigns that will reinforce your overall brand and help your organization and its audience maintain focus on the larger mission at hand.


Interactive Experience Strategy

We help you capture and retain your audience’s attention by diversifying your brand communication efforts. Interactive marketing creates open communication channels that not only allow you to speak to your audience, but that also give them the opportunity to interact with you and your organisation. We create comprehensive interactive marketing strategies with this goal in mind: to achieve exceptional audience engagement that drives impact and return on investment.

Storytelling, Content Creation and Design

We create content that helps build meaningful relationships and demonstrates thought-leadership. We craft compelling content that builds trust and drives action.

  • Communications Plans
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Planning, Content Strategy & Content Development
  • Creative Design and Copywriting
  • Interactive Video and Digital Production
  • Publications & Collateral
  • Web Development and Email Marketing
  • Digital Media Services



Collective impact is a powerful approach that occurs when organizations from different sectors agree to solve a specific social problem using a common agenda, aligning their efforts, and using common measures of success to achieve measurable effects on major social issues.
SHI uses a Collective Impact approach to champion bold ideas, combined with disciplined systems for evaluating, executing, and adapting ideas over time. Successful collective impact initiatives typically have 5 conditions that together produce alignment and lead to powerful results:

  • A common agenda,
  • Shared measurement systems,
  • Mutually reinforcing activities,
  • Continuous communication, and
  • Backbone support organizations.

Creating shared value entails embedding a social mission in an organisation’s culture and channelling resources to the development of innovations that can help solve social problems.

SHI works closely with clients to create, launch, and monitor their Shared Value strategy implementation plans, including a purpose-driven brand strategy, that take into account the organisation’s operating realities. We work alongside clients in this implementation all the way to measurable success.